What is  APAAM?

Asian Pacific American Awareness Month is an annual celebration at Columbia University dedicated to promoting awareness of APA issues and history among the Columbia student body.

Our theme for this year, "Resonance: Our Collective Voices," seeks to explore the evolution of the APA community, highlighting its past, present and future.

The APA identity has been founded upon the struggles, activism, and passion of APA communities whose impact and voices still resonate with us today. However, we also recognize that each generation brings new meaning to the APA identity.

Through our programming, we hope to bring all our voices new and old, heard and unheardinto dialogue with each other, while acknowledging the differences and conflicts that are rooted in divergent experiences and shape vast and rich histories. Over the course of April, we plan to showcase the stories of APA artists, activists, professionals, scholars, and more.

We invite you to join us in our celebration and struggle, so that we may not forget our responsibilities to each other, but empower each other to speak louder and stronger.

What is APAAM?

Calendar of Events