CU APAHM (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month) commits itself to organizing a wide range of programs for the month of April, Columbia University's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, in order to bring broader awareness of the Asian American/APIA community and its rich history to the Columbia campus. Every year, APAHM celebrates Columbia's APIA Heritage Month during April by focusing on programming that celebrates the culture, investigates the issues, and showcases the talents of Asian Pacific Islander Americans within and beyond our community.

Every year, our event chairs utilize their unique backgrounds and talents to fill the month of April with activities that celebrate and validate the broad spectrum of Asian identities and cultures in America. Past events have included collaborations with CU Professors, an Asian/Pacific American related Zine publication, a Post-9/11 Panel, and a talk with Survivor winner Yul Kwon!

We are inclusive of all racial, cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, and we unite to celebrate our mission.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

= April 2018 =

APAHM Opening Ceremony Banner

Our 2018 theme is: In(di)visible. The Asian American identity is one that often goes unnoticed or unrecognized, falling into gray areas and between blurred lines. This invisibility stretches across media and politics, as Asians are often homogenized or overlooked. But by taking ownership of Asian-ness, originally just a category of otherness, this identity can be transformed into a source of unity and strength.


Opening Ceremony

= March 31st, 2018 =

7-10:30pm @ Diana Event Oval

Please join us for our Opening Ceremony, open to the public and members of the entire Columbia community for FREE! You will be treated to a delectable dinner from Gogo Curry and Malaysia Grill, enjoy exciting talented student performances, and hear from our guest speaker: CHRISTINE HA, Vietnamese-American chef, the first-ever blind contestant and winner of MasterChef season 3 with Gordon Ramsay.