Executive Board

Tina Liu, SEAS '24


I am a senior majoring in biomedical engineering. Badminton has been a big part of my life since I was in primary school in Shanghai, China. When you don't see me at practice, I'm probably doing research, gaming (recent obsession: Danganronpa), or cooking food.

Brian Chen, CC '25

Vice President

I am a physics major from Seattle, WA and love all things badminton! I trained at the Bellevue Badminton Club throughout high school before coming to Columbia, where I've been lucky to meet many amazing people. Looking forward to playing with you! 

Lewis Lee, CC '25


Hello! I was first taught how to play badminton 9 years ago by my aunt. I'm originally from the state of South Carolina, I'm a writer, and plan to be a historian. I'm super excited for the events that we have planned for y'all!

Han Bo Qian, CC '26


Plays way too much badminton.

Rosie Zhou, CC '25

Social Media Manager

I am a junior majoring in history from Spokane, WA. I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old at the Spokane Badminton Club and I’m super grateful that I can be a part of the team at Columbia and have this wonderful badminton community. Hope to see you on the courts in Dodge! 

Brian Zhenguo Wu, PhD '25

General Board

My name is Zhenguo "Brian" Wu, and I am a EE PhD student. I have been with the Columbia Badminton Club since 2018 and was the president in 2019~2020. I enjoy playing and watching badminton matches during my free time.