C2006/F2402 -- 2007 --Outline of Lecture #21– Electrical Communication #2

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Notes by Chris Kelly

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Some links to animations and additional information on neuroscience are on the study guides for lectures 16 & 18  from 2004. See lecture 16 & 17 and lecture 18. If you need a back up text for the material that isn't in Becker, you might want to try Kimball's on line text.

I. Action Potential

To review the action potential, try problem 8-2, A-C, & 8-3 to 8-4.

II. Propagation

To review propagation, try problem 8-2 D-E & 8-6.

III. Synapses

To review synapses etc., try problems 8-8 A-G & 8-9. (8-10 & 8-11 are also about synapses.)