Biology C2006 / F2402 - Spring 2003  -   Recitation evaluation

C2006: Molecular and Cellular Biology II - Undergrads 

Please fill out the evaluation form for your TA only!

A Monday 6-8 Ravi 
B Tuesday 12-2 Jason
C Tuesday 3-5 Carl
D Wednesday 12-2 Krishna
E Wednesday 2-4 Megan
F Wednesday 4-6 Sona
G Wednesday 7-9 Sarah
H Thursday 12-2 Artem


F2402: Contemporary Biology II - 

Postbacs - Please fill out the evaluation form.  
If you do not attend recitation, answer just the last question on either form.

Tuesday, Thursday 12-1 pm Roger Bender
Tuesday  7-9 pm Ken Rosenstein