Department of Biological Sciences
Graduate Student Orientation

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


9:30am Breakfast

800 Fairchild

9:45am Welcome

Justin Cassity, Program Coordinator

    ChloŽ Bulinski
Co-Director of Graduate Studies

Stuart Firestein
Co-Director of Graduate Studies

10:20am Biology Library

Kathleen Kehoe, Librarian

10:25am Teaching Information

Deborah Mowshowitz
Director of Undergraduate Studies

10:40am Health and Related Services

a representative from HRS will let
you know all that they have to offer
in the way of health services

10:50am Language Program / International Students  
10:55am Payroll Information

John Lacqua, Business Manager

11:00am Computing

Jim Shanley, Staff Associate

11:05am GSAS Information
(click for GSAS orientation info.)


11:15am Academic Information
(click for registration info.)
Graduate Student Handbook

Justin Cassity, Program Coordinator

12:00pm Departmental Tour

ChloŽ Bulinski

1:00pm Lunch

1000 Fairchild

2:00-4:00pm Advising
(click for appointment schedule)

ChloŽ Bulinski, 804A Fairchild