Losing the Initiative on Race?
Volume 1, Number 3


Good at the Game of Tricknology: Proposition 209 and the Struggle for the Historical Memory of the Civil Rights Movement
George Derek Musgrove

Salvaging Lives in the African Diaspora: Anthropology, Ehtnography, and Women's Narratives
Irma McClaurin

Paradigms of Difference: Race and Class in the Twenty-first Century
Darlene Clark Hines

Notes on a Nominal Report
Nikhil Singh

Cheap Talk, er, Dialogue
Gary Y. Okihiro

Clinton's Initiative on Race: The Latest Chapter in America's Indian Wars
Ward Churchill and Glenn T. Morris

The Presidentís Race Initiative: Race-Conscious Judo Meets the Still-Funky Reality
Howard Winant

Books: Fighting Words: Black Women and the Search for Justice (1998)
Diane Harriford

A Conversation with John Hope Franklin

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