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Volume IX        
The New Black Power History
Number 4
Interrogating Race and Racism
Number 3
cover 9.4
"Revolution in Babylon: Stokely Carmichael and America in the 1960s"
By: Peniel E. Joseph

"Spokesman of the Oppressed? Lorraine Hansberry at Work: The Challenge of Radical Politics in the Postwar Era"
By: Rebeccah Welch

"Protection or Path Toward Revolution?: Black Power and Self-Defense"

By: Simon Wendt

"The Campus and the Street: Race, Migration, and the Origins of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA"
By: Donna Murch
cover 9.3 "Crimes of History" Senegalese Soccer and the Forensics of Slavery
By: Michael Ralph

"A Free Black Mind is a Concealed Weapon" Institutions and Social Movements in the African Diaspora
By: Robin J. Hayes

Affirmative Action at the Crossroads: Colorblind Racism and the Decline of African Americans in Public Contracting
By: Monique W. Morris

Septima Clark Organizing for Positive Freedom
By: Stephen Lazar
Islam and Black America
Number 2
Higher Ground
Number 1
cover8.4 Locating Palestine in Pre-1948 Black Internationalism
By: Alex Lubin

The Blackstone Legacy, Islam, and the Rise of Ghetto Cosmopolitanism
By: Rami Nashashibi

Protect Ya Neck: Muslims and the Carceral Imagination in the Age of Guantánamo
By: Sohail Daulatzai

The Story of Islamophobia
By: Junaid Rana

"Katrina N.O. Problem, Canal Street, New Orleans" (c) 2006 Delphine Fawundu Buford
The New Orleans that Race Built: Racism, Disaster, and Urban Spatial Relationships
By: Darwin BondGraham

Do You Know What It Means: Mapping Emotion in the Aftermath of Katrina
By: Melissa Harris-Lacewell

Are They Katrina's Kids or Ours?: The Experience of Displaced New Orleans Students in Their New Schools and Communities
By: Kevin Michael Foster

Katrina's Southern "Exposure," the Kanye Race Debate, and the Repercussions of Discussion
By: Erica M. Czaja

Volume VIII        
Islam in Black America
Number 4
Black History Matters: Reflections on the Struggle for Freedom
Number 3
cover8.4 Overlapping Diasporas, Multiracial Lives: South Asian Muslims in U.S. Communities of Color, 1880-1950
By: Vivek Bald

Through Sunni Women's Eyes: Black Feminism and the Nation of Islam
By: Jamillah Karim

Constructing Masculinity: Interactions between Islam and African-American Youth Since C. Eric Lincoln, The Black Muslims in America
By: Richard Brent Turner

To the East, Blackwards: Bandung Hopes, Diasporic Dreams, and Black/Muslim Encounters in Sam Greenlee's Baghdad Blues
By Sohail Daulatzai
"Yaga" July 1995 (c) Adreinne Waheed
Eslanda Goode Robeson's African Journey: The Politics of Identification and Representation in the African Diaspora
By Maureen Mahon

"Long Live Third World Unity! Long Live Internationalism" : Huey P. Newton's Revolutionary Intercommunalism
By Besenia Rodriguez

The Congress of African People: Baraka, Brother Mao, and the Year of '74
By Robeson Taj P. Frazier

One Nation Under a Groove: A People's History of the Drum
By Iyelli Ichile
Racializing Justice, Disenfranchising Lives
Number 2
The Black South
Number 1
"Najee, Daquan, and Tyre. South 20th Street, Newark." January 2004 (c) Helen M. Stummer

America at the Crossroads
By Keesha M. Middlemass

Jim Crow Is Alive and Well in the 21st Century: Felony Disenfranchisement and the Continuing Struggle to Silence the African-American Voice
By Ryan Scott King

Rehabilitated But Not Fit to Vote: A Comparative Racial Analysis of Disenfranchisement Laws
By Keesha M. Middlemass

The Hyper-Criminalization of Black and Latino Male Youth in the Era of Mass Incarceration
By Victor M. Rios

cover8.1 Katrina's Unnatural Disaster: A Tragedy of Black Suffering and White Denial
by Manning Marable

New Deal, Raw Deal
Ira Katznelson

A Test of Faith Black Church Burnings and America's Enduring Crucible of “Race”
by Timothy Patrick McCarthy

The Southern Place and Racial Politics Southernification, Romanticization, and the Recovery of White Supremacy
by Joe L. Kincheloe

Volume VII
Critical Perspectives on W.E.B. DuBois
Numbers 3/4
  Independent Black Politics
Number 2
  “Reconstructing the Radical Du Bois”
by Manning Marable

“What is Africa to Me?” Africa in the Black Diaspora Imagination
by F. Abiola Irele

“DuBoisan Sociology: A Watershed of Professional and Public Sociology”
by Aldon Morris and Amin Ghaziani

“E. Franklin Frazier on W.E.B. Du Bois: Sociologist, Critic, and Friend”
by Mio Matsumoto

“W.E.B. Du Bois: Intellectual Forefather of Intersectionality?”
by Ange-Marie Hancock

  Independent Black Voices from the Late 19th Century: Black Populists and the Struggle Aginst the Southern Democracy Omar H. Ali

The Political Orientations of Young African AmericansDavid A. Bositis

The Case for a Neo-Rainbow Electoral Strategy Danny Glover and Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Preparing for the Time of Reparation: Speculative cues from W.E.B DuBois, George Jackson, and Mumia Abu-JamalE. San Juan, Jr
Malcolm X
Number 1
The Unfinished Dialogue of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X Clayborne Carson

Rediscovering Malcolm's Life: A Historian's Adventures in Living History
Manning Marable

Let Us Be Moors: Islam, Race and "Connected Histories"
Hisham D. Aidi

Premillennium Tension: Malcolm X and the Eschatology of the Nation of Islam
Wayne Taylor

Going Back To Our Own: Interpreting Malcolm X's Transition From "Black Asiatic" to "Afro-American"
Liz Mazucci
Volume VI        
Rethinking Black Studies
Numbers 3/4
  TransAfrica Forum: Justice for the African World
Number 2
  Living Black History: Resurrecting the African American Intellectual Tradition Manning Marable

Teaching Race and Racisn in the Twenty-First Century:Thematic Considerations Howard Winant

At Home and Abroad in America's Academy: On Black Studies and Gender Studies at Columbia University Rosalind C.Morris

In My Brother's House: White Scholars and the Future of Black Studies Timothy Patrick McCarthy

Mining Our Collective Memmory:Beyond the Academic-Activist Divide in Black Studies Martha S. Jones
  Race and Globalization: Racialization from Below Leith Mullings

Out of Chaos: Afro-Colombian Peace Communities and the Realities of War
sale Angel-Ajani

Afro-Colombia: A Case for Pan-African Analysis
Joseph Jordan

African Women: Globalization and Peacebuilding from the Bottom Up
Gwendolyn Mikell

Regionalism Against Racism: The TransEurope Struggle for Racial Equality
Clarence Lusane
Collateral Consequences: The Africana Criminal Justice Project (Part Two)
Number 1

Drugs and the Racial Divide:Selective Punishment of Black Drug Offenders • Jeanette Covington

A Bad Relationship: Violence in the Lives of Incarcerated Black Women Nikki Jones

Organizing Against Criminal Injustice: Contributions of the Black Panther Party Heather Schoenfeld

Crime Prevention in the African American Community: Lessons Learned from the Nation of Islam Shaun L. Gabbidon

Volume V        
Imagining Justice: The Africana Criminal Justice Project (Part One)
Number 4
  40 Acres and a Mule?
Number 3
  Reconstructing Race and Crime: The Radical Tradition RevisitedTony Platt

The Impact of the Prison Industrial Complex on African American WomenNatalie J. Sokoloff

Felon Voting Rights and the Disenfranchisement of African Americans Christopher Uggen, Jeff Manza, and Angela Behrans

Resistance, Redemption, and Transformation: African American and Latino Prisoners Living with the HIV/AIDS VirusLaura T. Fishman
  The Politics of Black Memory Ronald Walters

Forty Acres and a Mule, Or, An Act of Bad Faith
Jeff Kerr-Ritchie

Railroads, Race, and Reparations
Theodore Kornweibel

Gender and Power in the Black Diaspora: Radical Women of Color and the Cold War
Rebeccah E. Welch
Identity, Inequality, Race
Number 2
Who Owns Black Art?
Number 1

Losing Ground: Harlem, the War on Drugs, and the Prison Industrial Complex • Leith Mullings

The Female Bogeyman: Political Implications of Criminalizing Black Women Julia S. Jordan-Zachery

To Be Equal

Hip Hop and the Aesthetics of Criminalization • Andrea Queeley

Understanding the New New Black Poetry: Orality, Visuality, and the Spoken Word Meta DuEwa Jones

"It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay": Contemporary Black Women’s R&B and the House that Terry McMillan Built • Daphne Brooks

Symposium: Where is Black Culture? • The Editors, Charles Mudede, Bakari Kitwana, Jacqueline Bobo, Mark Anthony Neal, Kristal Brent Zook, Sonia Sanchez
Volume IV        
Seeing through the Whiteout: Interrogating Whiteness
Number 4
Race and Globalization
Number 3

Resurgence: White Nationalism and Anti-Black Violence • Ronald Waters

Breaking the Code of Good Intentions: Everday Forms of Whiteness Melanie E. L. Bush

Symposium: Whither Whiteness?

  The Modern World Racial System • Howard Winant

The Europeanization of American Racism or a New Racial Hybrid?: After September 11 Amrita Basu

A Tale of Two Barrios: Puerto Rican Youth and the Polotics of Belonging • Gina M. Perez
Thinking Black
Number 2
9/11: Notes on the Crisis
Number 1
"A Son of Afro-America": Talking with Amiri Baraka The Editors

And the Beat Goes On: Challenges Facing Black Intellectuals Kathleen Cleaver

A Scholar in Struggle Clayborne Carson

Black Thinkers at Sea: Ferdinand Smith and the Decline of African American Proletarian Intellectuals Gerald Horne

Beyond the “Real” World, or Why Black Radicals Need to Wake Up and Start Dreaming •
Robin. D. G. Kelley

Def America: Russell Simmons The Editors

Thinking Black

Racism in a Time of Terror Manning Marable

The Light of History
Linda Burnham

Eight Lessons from the Black Front: A Primer Farah Jasmine Griffin

No Global Justice, No Global Peace Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Aftermath Hazel Carby

Proposal for a Transformative, Racially Just Philanthropy • john a. powell

Making Philanthropy Accountable Rick Cohen

Practicing Philanthropy
Race, Legitimacy, and Criminal Law •
Jeffrey Fagan

Who is Responsible for Affordable Housing Construction? • David Reingold

The North Star Fund: A Resource for Progressive Social Change • Betty Kapetanakis

Volume III        
Reinventing Jamaica: A Conversation about the Renewal of a Diasporic Society
Number 4
Blacks and Asians: Revisiting Racial Formations
Number 3

“Reinventing Jamaica” Conference Address Dr. Basil K. Bryan, Consul General of Jamaica

Reinventing the Jamaican Political System Brian Meeks

Analyzing the Jamaican Crisis Don Robotham

Profit, Power and Privilege: The Racial Politics of Ancestry Lee D. Baker

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Tokyo Bound: African Americans and Japan Confront White Supremacy Gerald Horne

Yellow Power: The Formation of Asian-American Nationalism in the Age of Black Power, 1966-1975 Jeffery O.G. Ogbar

B-Boys and Bass Girls:
Sex, Style, and Mobility in Indian American Youth Culture •
Sunaina Marr Maira

Building the Antiracist, Anti-Imperalist United Front: Theory and Practice from the L.A. Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union • Eric Mann

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Representing Blackness
Number 2
  Talking About Race
Number 1

Race, Class and Academic Capitalism: The Future of Liberal Education Manning Marable

Representations of Fatherhood and Masculinity in Rap Lyrics • William Eric Perkins

What’s a Million Dollars to Michael Jackson?: Authentic Culture and Commercial Tourism J. Martin Favor

From Elvis to Eminem: Play that Funky Music, White Boy! Todd Boyd

A Conversation Between Generations: Education, Awareness, and Empowerment for the New Millennium • Manning Marable and Kevin Powell

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Structural Racism and American Democracy: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives Manning Marable

Book Review: Critique of Orlando Patterson’s Blaming-the-Victim Rituals

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Volume II        
Black Feminism 2000
Number 4
  Theorizing Black Studies
Number 3

Femme negritude: Jane Nardal, La Depeche africaine, and the Francophone New Negro • T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting

Gender Talk Johnnetta B. Cole and Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Black Feminist Politics:
Joy James

Establishing Black Feminism Barbara Smith

Notes on Du Bois’s Final Years
Herbert Aptheker

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A Conversation with Ossie Davis

A Layover in Detroit, or Wherein Lies the Future of Black Studies? •
Melba Joyce Boyd

Afrocentricity and History: Mediating the Meaning of Culture in Western Society • Molefi Kete Asante

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The New South Africa
Number 2
  Race-ing Justice: Black America vs. the Prison Industrial Complex
Number 1

David Georgakas on the Successes and Failures of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (DRUM)

Better the Devil You Know? The Politics of Colouredness and Post-Apartheid South African Elections in the Western Cape Grant Farred

The Ongoing Contestation over Nationhood •
Anthony W. Marx

The New South Africa and the Process of Transformation Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Judging the New South Africa Mary Marshall Clark

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What Does the Ghetto Mean? Robert Sanchez

Photo Documentary of Angola Prison • Philippe Cheng

Women of Color in Prison • Anne Elliot, Saide McLaughlin, Gus Smith, B.J. Peak-Graham, and Philip Genty

“In Defense of Mumia”: The Political Economy of Race, Class, Gender and Social Death • Leonard Weinglass, Ray Brown, Charles Ogletree, and Conrad Muhummad

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Volume I        
Radicalism in Black America
Number 4
Losing the Initiative on Race?
Number 3

Black Like Mao: Red China and Black Revolution Robin D.G. Kelley and Betsy Esch

The Nature of African-American History Herbert Aptheker

Being Red and Black in Jim Crow America: Notes on the Ideology and Travails of Afro-American’s Socialist Pioneers, 1877-1930 Winston James

African-American Expatriates in Ghana and the Black Radical Tradition Kevin Gaines

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Good at the Game of Tricknology: Proposition 209 and the Struggle for the Historical Memory of the Civil Rights Movement George Derek Musgrove

Paradigms of Difference: Race and Class in the Twenty-first Century • Darlene Clark Hines

Cheap Talk, er, Dialogue Gary Y. Okihiro

A Conversation with John Hope Franklin

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Race and Revolution in Cuba: African-American Perspectives
Number 2
  Home to Harlem
Number 1
The Havana Afrocubano Movement and the Harlem Renaissance: The Role of the Intellectual in the Formation of Racial and National Identity Ricardo Rene Laremont and Lisa Yun

Reflections on Cuba, Race, and Politics James Early

Consumer Culture Among Cuban and Black American Youth Mary Patillo-McCoy

The Immorality of Collective Punishment: A Closer Look at the Impact of the U.S. Embargo on the Health of Cubans Cheryl Mwaria

Assata Shakur: “The Continuity of Struggle” The Editors

Downlaod Articles
  Harlem and the Racial Imagination: Reflections on the Million Youth March

African Americans and the Story of American Freedom Eric Foner

Books: Reading Harlem Gerald Horne

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