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Group Meetings

Group meetings take place in the Miller Room at 2:00 pm.

Spring 2012

  • Aug 8 - "I. Inherent structure transitions, II. Lengthscales in glasses," Glen Hocky
  • Jul 11 - "Combining GF2 with DMFT," Dominika Zgid
  • Jun 21 - "Journal Club: Semiclassical Quantum Dynamics and Spectroscopy," Tim Berkelbach
  • Apr 17 - "Lattice glass models and facilitation in glasses & The Potts Model for community detection," Richard Darst
  • Feb 17 - "Structural Length Scales in Model Supercooled Liquids," Glen Hocky

Fall 2011

  • Dec 1 - "Ab-initio Theoretical Chemistry for Bulk Solids and Surface Problems," Dominika Zgid
  • Sep 28 - "Floquet Theoretical Treatment on the Photon-Assisted Tunneling via Quantum Devices and the Memory Effect," Hsing-Ta (Theta) Chen
  • Aug 10 - "Organic Solar Cells: The Theoretical Challenges," Andres Montoya Castillo

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