Board of Directors and Organization


Board of Managers

Lee C. Bollinger, Honorary Chairman 
Alan Brinkley
Chou Wen-chung 

Advisory Council

Gerald W. Adelmann 
Norma F. Flender 
Geraldine S. Kundstadter 
David M. Lampton 
Terrill E. Lautz
Robert A. Levinson 
Cho-Liang Lin 
Yo-Yo Ma  
Douglas P. Murray

Advisory Council (cont.)

Russell A. Phillips, Jr. 
Arthur H. Rosen 
Michael I. Sovern 
Audrey Topping

Officers and Staff

Chou Wen-chung, Director 
Ken Hao, Associate Research Scholar in charge of Center Programs, Columbia University

Financial Advisor

Hunterdon Management Services, Inc. 

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