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Furnald Lounge

December 7, 2007

Comica Only Comes Once a Year!

Jokianity follows the teachings of G-d's three main prophets: Mitch Hedberg, Steve Martin, and Marky Mark!

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We Didn't Start the Fire

An anniversary dinner gets way to hot for this fireman...

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I Swear We're Just Friends

Alex is contractually required to remove his shirt at least once per Chowdah show, and at least five times per rehearsal.

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Smalltown Cops

What happens on Main Street stays on Main Street

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Well you need to apply for a shower visa. I'll get you the application.

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I Got 95 Theses and a Bitch Ain't One

Since some of the things we’re saying tonight could be construed as preaching...
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So to balance that out we have to present something from another religion for you to watch. With that in mind, we present “The History of Martin Luther,” a few minutes of which we taped from the History Channel.

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For the Married Woman

This ad exec will NOT let his recent divorce from a heinous, cheating, soul-sucking wife of 10 years affect his work. REALLY.

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Bad News Bear

Watch for a quick cameo by one of America's hottest young music groups.

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Aye, Robot

While not technically part of this show, it has to be included somewhere. I mean, do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a 35 mm camera up a woman’s rectum?

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