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Established in 1843 as a means to subvert the authority of Italian silk merchants, Chowdah has been an integral part of the Columbia for centuries.

Uri shrieks courageously at the sight of silk

Due to a clerical error in 2004, Chowdah abandoned its original goals of hate mongering and refocused its efforts toward sketch comedy.

Although disappointed at the resulting political equality, Chowdah took a liking to the craft of comedy and quickly became the most talented sketch comedy group this campus has ever seen.

So welcome to our home. Please check for upcoming shows and download clips of our previous performances

The Chowdah trademark and the Chowdah Logo are copyright to no one in particular. While the exclusive property of Chowdah, we have taken no measures to legally protect our efforts, leaving us completely vulnerable to intellectual theft. we politely ask that you respect the honor system.