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Wien Lounge

December 9th, 2004

The Trifecta (Intro)

The ill effects of time travel do not include nausea

Twizzler (Reality TV)

Adventures in Reality Television go awry

Who Is That At My Door? (Walken)

Christopher Walken wishes you a happy hanuka

The Girl from Ipanema (Stigmata)

One of those Christian thing with the holes and such

Off the Cuff and In the Rough (Improv Drama)

A very serious look at improvisational dramatic acting

The Ketchup in the Fly (Phone Conversation)

So... what's new with you?

MEALikey (Terrorist Inc.)

The day to day tasks of a terrorist services agency

Slaughter-House Ten (Mama's Boy)

A coming of age story

Stop Czeching Off (French)

If you've yearned to live in a land where coffee is served in little hard to hold cups and brioche isn't just for women, this is the sketch for you.

Lazarus (or Friends Forever) (But Fucking)

So worth it...

Idle Engines (Psychology)

The joys of studying the human mind

West End Blues (Leaves)

The secret life of leaves

Twizzler Reprise (Reality TV)

Adventures in reality TV go awry... again


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