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The West End

April 27th, 2004

The Columbia University Opponents of Mario

Written by Michael Lynch

Because everyone hates that pompous bastard Mario


Written by Annie Berke

Do you remember your high school prom?

Poor Girls

Written by Shira Danan

Hey, let's play what's in your pockets!


Written by Dave Verbitsky

Whoa. That changes everything.

The Terrible News

Written by Paul Reyfman

We skip the crap that makes you smile

The Foremen

Written by Uri Weg & Matt Wilstein

Everyone's favorite barbershop quartet, despite missing members


Written by Michael Lynch & Caitlin Shure

I swear, it was the pigeon

At the Pearly Gates

Written by Dan Wang

To get through heaven, you'll need to go through him

Penis Monologues

Written by Uri Weg & Matt Wilstein

Because it's time we heard their perspective


Written by Uri Weg

I just want to take you home and...

Kazaa Lite

Written by Uri Weg & Paul Reyfman

You wouldn't believe how complicated the inner workings of Kazaa Lite are.


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