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Gabe Miner

Position: Writer, Actor

School Standing: JTS, 2008


Gabe is sure that in a previous life, he must have done something pretty terrible, like assassinate the king of the chipmunks or forcefully had his way with a Serbian peasant, because he has found himself in this life reincarnated in the lowest form: a comic (a pity, too, he was hoping to be a bird with lovely plumage).

Despite the shitty life he has been given, Gabe has made the best of it, using his comic "skills" to sneak his way into theatre, sketch comedy, writing, the hearts of millions, and the pants of few. Many think the source of Gabe's humor is his wild hair and mutton chops, but that's just silly. It actually comes from a Pomeranian testicle he wears on an anklet. In his next life, Gabe really would like to be that bird. Or emperor of the world.

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