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Olivia Whelan

Position: Actress

School Standing: BC, 2008

Major: Art History, Theatre

Home Town: New York, NY


Olivia would like to think of comedy as a lifeline rather than a hobby. Indeed, she grew up in New York City and had to tough it out on the streets to survive; she found comedy was her best defence. Olivia engaged in frequent "laugh battles" (as opposed to the more commonly noted "rap battles") where she battled it out with the pros and learned how to freestyle. She gained a reputation as "the funniest bad ass below 20th and Avenue B" and has brought new meaning to the phrase, "laugh till it hurts." She sends shout outs to the Gigglin' Gangsta, Pimpin' Jim, all the members of the Black Eyed Peas and of course, Mom, Dad and the cats.

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