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Shira Danan

Position: Director, Actress, Writer

School Standing: CC, 2007

Major: Religion (check hourly to stay up to date)

Home Town: San Antonio, TX

Favorite Sketch: A Life More Magical (God)


Born on the rough and tumbleweed-strewn streets of Bexar County, TX, Shira unexpectedly developed a sense of humor at the age of 13, drawing on such comedic goldmines as her sister's diary, "The Berenstein Bears And Too Much Television," and Webster's New World Dictionary. The pieces all fell into place one summer's eve at a pizza joint in Phoenix, Arizona. Shira had a headache and was cracking jokes like nobody's business when a friend turned to her and remarked, "When did you get so funny?" Horrified, Shira refused to speak to anyone for several weeks. At which time, she emerged from underground with no eyebrows and the ability to speak parseltongue. And...a really good idea for a sketch!

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