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Lerner Black Box

February 15th & 16th, 2007


Written by Matt Kantrowitz

Wow, the famous Black Box Theater!

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Ultimate Video Rejection

Written by Gilad Landan

MTV's hottest new show

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12 Angry Hot Dogs

Written by Sasha Stewart

The joys of airline flight

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What Would Freud Say?

Written by Sammy Hansen

Sounds like you have some serious issues.

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Written by Matt Kantrowitz and Justin Grace

Chowdah struggles to continue the show after learning of a great tragedy

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Drunk Dating

Written by Elizabeth Varner

A guy and a girl get drunk at a party. Consequences ensue.

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Black Chanukah

Written by Matt Shields

This holiday season, the Jews are the chosen people... to DIE!

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The Inspiring and Inspirational Story of Barbara Brock

Written by Michael Grinspan

One cabaret singer's life struggles touch the hearts of millions

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Support Group

Written by Mike Lynch

No problem is too big or too small

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Written by Mike Lynch

You don't play Yahtzee, you become Yahtzee

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Gay, Straight, or Vampire

Written by Shira Danan

MTV's new dating show, where a contestant must identify which of her suitors is gay, which is straight, and which is a vampire.

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Conference Kidnapping

Written by Sammy Hansen

A routine ransom call goes awry

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Each Other’s Sentences

Written by Matt Shields and Sasha Stewart

A sketch that's all about finishing...

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Pregnant Boyfriend

Written by Mike Lynch and Shira Danan

A girl deals with the consequences of her boyfriend's pregnancy

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