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Wien Lounge

Dec. 9th & 10th, 2005

Affirmative Action

Written by Halley Bondy

Chowdah is forced to admit girls as part of ABC policy

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Identity Theft

Written by Michael Lynch

Chowdah addresses the fastest growing crime in the US

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Marathon Mugger

Written by Martha Norrick

I guess I could run a marathon if someone held a gun to my head

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Written by Matt Kantrowitz

Keeping the sanctity of marriage

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I'm a Smuggler, Baby

Written by Josh Bolotsky

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There's nothing wrong with it


Written by Justin Grace

Something that's going to blow your mind

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Written by Sammy Hansen & Michael Grinspan

WASP family gets a visit from Grandma

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The Great Scape

Written by Michael Lynch

Leo did it

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What Friends are For

Written by Matt Kantrowitz

Timmy gets dating help from his friends

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Gagged and Up Against the Wall

Written by Sammy Hansen

Didn't mean to make things awkward

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Sperm Envy

Written by Justin Grace & Michael Grinspan

1 vinyl nurse’s outfit: $13.99
1 sperm sample, Ohio State graduate donor: $25
1 sperm sample, Columbia graduate donor: $75
Ensuing debate: priceless

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Parental Love

Written by Sasha Stewart

An affectionate family meets a potential new inductee

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Marathon Mugger (conclusion)

Written by Uri Weg, Matt Wilstein, & Michael Lynch, story by Martha Norrick

Is it over yet?

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A Food and a Name... Together,
Curtain Call

Written by Gilad Landan

Romance when a guy from the wrong side of the tracks meets a gal from - well, the same side of the tracks, but further south.

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