Research Areas

The research of our group is multidisciplinary with a theme in Sustainable Engineering, covering the following four aspects:

I.†††† Energy Efficient Buildings and Infrastructure  
  Building integrated photovoltaic thermal systems
Evacuated tube collector based solar thermal systems
Sun tunnel design for roadway protection and energy supply
II.†† Engineering Materials  
  Functionally graded materials
Thin film and multilayered materials
Thermoelectric materials
Foamed asphalt materials
Magnetic smart materials
Polymer matrix composites
III.† Transportation Engineering  
  Open mode integrated transportation system (OMITS)
Warm mix asphalt processes
Low temperature cracking in asphalt pavements
Accelerated tests and nondestructive tests
IV. Applied Mechanics and Mathematics  
  Micromechanics and Greenís functions
Multiscale and multiphysical modeling
Stokes flow problems and sedimentation
Elasticity, viscoelasticity, and plasticity
Fracture and fatigue
Agent based modeling and simulation