Data Sharing

Below are data available in the RANN and CogRes Studies. Measures are available for both studies unless indicated otherwise. Please see Study Procedure for RANN and CogRes for more details. For baseline, there are 425 participants with neuroimaging data in RANN and 246 in CogRes study. For 5 year follow-up, there are 196 participants in RANN and 98 in CogRes with neuroimaging data.
For questions and data requests, please fill out the DUA form and email to Reshma Babukutty at rb2996@cumc.columbia.edu.

A. fMRI Tasks – RANN study only
B. fMRI Tasks – CR study only
C. Other MRI scans
E. Examiner/PVT
F. Blood Analyses
G. Screening instruments
H. Neuropsychological EvaluationScreening instruments
I. Questionnaires

A. fMRI Tasks (PDF) – RANN study only

1. Logical Memory   7. Antonyms
2. Paper Folding   8. Synonyms
3. Matrix Reasoning   9. Digit Symbol
4. Word Order Recognition 10. Letter Comparison
5. Letter Sets 11. Pattern Comparis  
6. Paired Associates 12. Picture Naming

B. fMRI Tasks (PDF) – CR study only

1. Task Switching
2. Letters Sternberg

C. Other MRI scans

1. Structural T1
3. Diffusion Tensor Imaging
4. ASL
5. Resting fMRI


1. Amyloid
2. Tau

E. Examiner/PVT (PDF)

1. Flanker (arrows)
2. Task Switching
3. Selective stimulus response (star)
4. Saccades

F. Blood Analyses

1. Genetic Analyses (ApoE and GWAS)
2. Metabolic Analyses

G. Screening instruments (PDF)

1. Phone Screening Questionnaire
2. Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ)
3. AD-8 Dementia Screening Interview<

H. Neuropsychological EvaluationScreening instruments (PDF)

1. Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (DRS) 10. WAIS-III Matrix Reasoning subtest
2. WAIS-III Letter Number (LNS) 11. CFL – Verbal fluency
3. AMNART 12. Category Fluency Test
4. Wechsler Test of Adult Reading (WTAR) 13. WAIS-III Vocabulary subtest
5. Selective Reminding Test (SRT) 14. WAIS-III Block Design subtest
6. WAIS-III Digit Symbol subtest 15. Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST)
7. Trail Making Test – Parts A & B 16. Grooved Pegboard
8. Stroop Color and Word Test 17. Gait Letter Fluency
9. SRT-delayed recall and recognition top

I. Questionnaires (PDF)

1. Occupational Information Network (O*NET) 10. Nutrition Questionnaire 1
2. Godin Exercise Questionnaire 11. Nutrition Questionnaire 2
3. Exercise Questionnaire 2 12. Cognitively Stimulating Activity Questionnaire
4. Leisure Activities Questionnaire 13. Social Networking Questionnaire
5. Blessed Functional Activity Scale (BFAS) 14. Sleep Quality Index
6. Personality Inventory 15. Sexual Orientation Questionnaire
7. Socio-demographic Questionnaire 16. Comparative Memory Questionnaire
8. Education Questionnaire 17. Perceived Social Support
9. Risk Factor Survey 18. Perceived Stress Questionnaire