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Reference Ability Neural Networks (RANN)

Four primary “reference abilities” are thought to underlie performance on a wide-range of cognitive tasks: episodic memory, fluid ability, perceptual speed, and vocabulary. This study uses fMRI to identify distinct networks of brain activity associated with each of the reference cognitive abilities. Healthy adults are recruited from each decade from 20 to 80.

PI: Yaakov Stern


Imaging of Cognition, Learning, and Memory in Aging

The goal of this study is to understand the neural basis of Cognitive Reserve (CR). CR is thought to mediate the relationship between age- or AD-related neuropathology and the functional or clinical consequences of this pathology. Various imaging and analytic approaches are used to model the relationship between age-related neural changes, CR, and cognition.

PI: Yaakov Stern


The Predictors Study

This is a multi-center, clinic-based study of predictors of progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Over 500 prevalent cases were followed longitudinally. The current Predictors cohort comprises incident AD cases identified through WHICAP.

PI: Yaakov Stern