ConnecTome Opportunities

The Columbia Neuroscience Society is launching the first issue of our pop-neuroscience publication, ConnecTome, this Fall. Below are some opportunities for students to contribute to our magazine!

Doing Exciting Summer Research? We Want to Feature You!

We are looking to feature the research of a few Columbia undergrads in our first issue. If you are interested in being interviewed for a feature, please contact us at We would love to hear about any aspect of your work, from the new technologies you are using to collect data to the therapeutic applications of your current work.

SUBMIT Your Work for Publication!

We have also decided to continue accepting submissions until the end of July. Feel free to send us articles, abstracts, artwork, poetry, or anything else you've worked on!Remember, ConnecTome is a pop-neuroscience publication meant to be accessible to the entire Columbia community, so you don't have to have a neuroscience background to submit.

Join the ConnecTome Team!

Do you have experience working on publications? Do you know how to use InDesign? Are you interested in joining the editorial board for the CNS's publication? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact CNS board member Kal at for more info!