Columbia University 1968

Columbia University 1968 - Contributed items

Articles by Mark Naison

  1. Columbia Forty Years After the Strike: A Multiracial Community "Cleansed" of a Working Class Presence, Mark Naison, Fordham University, 2008-04-25.

  2. How High School Students Helped Save the Columbia Strike - And Why the Gentrification of Manhattan Bodes Ill for the Success of Future Protests, Mark Naison, Fordham University, 2008-04-26.

Columbia University 1968 Photos and Flyers 1967-71

Columbia University 1968 Photos, leaflets from 1967-71, and button images. Contributed by an anonymous donor November 25, 2013. Readers who can supply missing information are invited to send me email. Once you enter the gallery, you can click on any image to see it full-size. Some have higher resolution than others.
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