Columbia University 1968 - Photo #20 - Low Library April 24-30

Low Library people congregating in the window of the President's office. That's me with the walkie-talkie (our link with strike headquarters in Ferris Booth Hall after the phones were disconnected). I got to do this because of my extensive communications training in the Army :-)  This is probably day two or three, before the criss-crossed tape was added to the windows. I remember all these people but the only name I can recall is Mike Golash (4th from left). Photo: Columbia College Today, Spring 1968.

Students occupying the Columbia University President's Office in Low
 Library, April 1968
Photo: Columbia Spectator, 23 April 2003, p.11.

Here I am again (on the right) in the same Low Library window, taking in supplies from sympathisers. This is from the Spec article commemorating the 35th anniversary of the strike; the caption is totally wrong (rags and vaseline???). Sorry about the quality; that's how it was printed; the next image is clearer.

Students occupying the Columbia University President's Office in Low
 Library, April 1968 Here's another Low Library window shot. The middle two guys are Tony Papert (second from left, white shirt), the "shadowy figure" who "controlled" the Low Library occupiers (as the press would have it), and Gus Reichbach, an unruly law student (later to be a New York State Supreme Court Judge, he died in 2012). I remember the others, but not their names. Note the two styles of raised-arm salute: the mild and conciliatory flower-child V sign, and the more militant, defiant, and radical clenched fist, originally the IWW and the Spanish Republican salute. Photo: Found at Columbiana, original source unknown.

It should be pointed out that different figures in the Columbia uprising, for example Tony Papert and (say) Mark Rudd did not necessarily share much in the way of philosophy or doctrine, and they definitely took divergent paths after Spring of 1968. In Low, however, Tony did not push or express any particular viewpoint; he simply moderated the discussion — quite fairly and courteously in my opinion.