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Frank da Cruz
June 2001, August 2019
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Background and personalities

68_bigbuttons 68_demo cu1968thenation antirecruiting 1968cufoto13 1968cuscan01 kaptchukgold ruddgold2 johnjacobs melvinmorgulis

Gym site and Hamilton occupation April 23-24

68_fence hamilton5 68_17

Low Library April 24-30

68_demo3 kirkface1 kirkofficepapert 68_03 68_18 68_16 68_02 lowsouthwindow2 lowwestledge1 lowwestledge2 lowwestledge4 68_chicken moralmajority_nydn19680429 68_r1 moralmajority1 nydn19680430 joinus

SAS in Hamilton

hamilton4 hamilton_nydn19680425 brown_carmichael brown_carmichael2 hamilton6

Elsewhere on campus

mathflag2 tomhayden3 hayden fayerweather1 nydn19680427 townies

The first bust April 30

nyt19680430p1 lowpolicevans hamilton7 68_06 bust1f bust1d_nydn19680430 bust1e bust1a bust1hMath bust1i police bust1k 68_14 bust1b bust1p bust1q bust1r

After first bust

lowgraffiti 68_07 68_demo2 collegewalk fayerweather2 68_08 liberationclass1 liberationclass3 jerrygarcia 68_05 amsterdam 1968cufoto31

Second bust May 17

68_09 bust2_nydn19680518 bust2a

Third Bust - Hamilton II - 21 May

hamiltonii barricades barricade barricades2


rat stjohnthedivine 1968cufoto07 countercommencement 68_11 68_cover chicago2 68_chicago 68_france zocalo1968 townhouse 68_paint 68_dc1 b52vietnam2

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