Columbia University 1968 - Photo #86 - Aftermath

In May 1968, inspired at least in part by the Columbia uprising, students and workers in France staged a general strike along with occupations of universities and factories all over the country. In June some of the French students came to visit us, one of them stayed with me, gave me some of Sorbonne posters, and cooked some delicious meals. See the Wikipedia article, May 1968 events in France.
Poster from Atelier Populaire, Sorbonne, 1968 - French and Immigrant workers unite!   Poster from Atelier Populaire, Sorbonne, 1968 - Yes to the occupied factories!   Poster from Atelier Populaire, Sorbonne, 1968 - To give a little is to  surrender
Poster from Atelier Populaire, Sorbonne, 1968 - Help the occupied factories for the victory of the people Typical posters from the Atelier Populaire ("Ex-Ecole des Beaux Arts"), the Sorbonne, Paris, May 1968, printed for the 1968 worker/student rebellion that shut down most of France and eventually ended General De Gaulle's political career (the General had called the rebels "shit in the bed"; a poster not shown here had the General in profile with the legend, "Le Chien-Lit C'est Encore Lui", or words to that effect). Many posters were distributed at Columbia by French students, who cited the Columbia rebellion as an inspiration. The ones above were found on the Web; the one at left was on my apartment wall until it crumbled.