Columbia University 1968 - Photo #3 - Background and personalities

This photo appeared at the top of an article in The Nation April 16, 2020: "An Open Letter to the New New Left From the Old New Left by "Former leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society" (including some prominent figures in the Columbia uprising) urging us all to get behind Joe Biden, which prompted (as of 29 May 2020) 113 reader comments including a couple from me that I'd like to think are worth reading, and was followed on April 27 by a second article, "Responses to an 'Open Letter to the New New Left'". I guess I'm Old New Left too, with a bit of Old Left, but I wouldn't have signed the letter; our choices are sickening. Anyway about the photo... It's Columbia in 1968 and I'm in it, slightly northwest of center, light shirt, behind the girl with the white headband. I don't remember the occasion but it's probably before the building occupations because I'm not in a building. For some reason people are facing in different directions.