Columbia University Computing History   

The IBM 4300 series mainframe

IBM 4341
A view of the Columbia machine room in the 1980s, photographer and exact date unknown, showing one of the IBM 43xx mainframes, the long low box in the lower right, initially a 4331, then a 4341, finally a 4381, all in-place upgrades. These are 370-series mainframes running VM/CMS. At first there were two of them, CUVMA and CUVMB, but later they were merged into a single machine, along with the 3083 that ran CLIO, and later still the academic IBM mainframes were merged with the admininstrative one, so now CUVMA and CUVMB are just virtual machines or partitions in a big ES-9000 or S/390 or whatever. In the photo you can see a number of IBM 3270 block mode video terminals in the carrels behind the computer, and an unknown operator.
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