Watson Conduit Construction May 1985 - Photo #8

May 1985: Intersection of Broadway and West 115th Street, looking down and west from Columbia University's Ferris Booth Hall (1960-1996), showing the paths of the two trenches across Broadway that connect Watson Laboratory at 612 West 115th Street and other University buildings on the same block (upper center) with the main campus. Right: Ta-Kome deli ("Home of the Hero", opened about 1957), soon to expand into the space to its right (formerly occupied by Salters book store) and become University Food Market (UFM). UFM was one of the few stable, long-lived, and reliable businesses in the neighborhood (until it was sold in 2003). Others include Tom's Restaurant (1936) of Seinfeld and Suzanne Vega fame, V&T Italian Restaurant (1945), Mondel's Chocolates (1943), Columbia Hardware (1939), and the West End (1915). Photo: Steve Jensen (May 1985).