The Kermit Factory


A portion of the Kermit production area in the Penthouse of Watsun Laboratory, Jan 2001. From here you can step out onto the roof and get a great, if not exactly panoramic, view of the Hudson River. The cabinet in the center of the photo contains Watsun (a Sun Sparc-10) on the second shelf (just a beige pizza box, not much to look at); disks on the top and third shelf. Fourth shelf: assorted tape cartridge drives (8mm, 4mm DAT; QIC). Fifth shelf: a genuine 9-track trape drive in a pull-out drawer (HP). The bottom two shelves contain Sun and Rolm serial ports. A shrinkwrap device is on the table; a supply cabinet is to the left, the official Kermit Handtruck to the right. Not so long ago we made and shipped hundreds of tapes, cartridges, and diskettes each week from this room. In the Internet era, the demand for magnetic media (but not kermit software itself) has shrunk to about zero. (This room was vacated by the Kermit Project in January 2004 and became offices for other AcIS groups.)

Photo: Frank da Cruz, Jan 2001.

Frank da Cruz / / Columbia University Computing History