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The Perkin-Elmer Fox-1100 Terminal

Perkin-Elmer Fox-1100 terminal
Perkin-Elmer Fox-1100 terminal
The Perkin-Elmer Model 1100 ("Fox 1100"), January 1977. At $500, this was one of the first low-cost CRTs, and about a dozen of them were installed in the 272A Engineering Terrace public terminal room in 1977. Specifications:

Construction:          Single-piece molded plastic
Display:               24x80 character cells
Character matrix:      7x11 with descenders in a 9x12 cell
Screen size:           12" diagonal (8" x 4.5" active display)
Character set:         Complete US ASCII plus display controls
Keys:                  61 keys in ANSI X4.14-1971 typewriter layout
Auxilliary keypads:    12-key numeric keypad (right), 8-key function keypad (left)
Interface:             RS-232/V.24 and 20mA Current Loop
Flow control:          None
Communication Speeds:  75,110,200,300,600,1200,1800,2400,4800,7200,9600,bps
Configuration:         DIP switches under nameplate
Dimensions:            19.5" x 21.5" x 23.5"
Weight:                50 pounds
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