The Apple Macintosh



CPU:               Motorola MC68000 
Speed:	           8Mhz 
FPU:		   None 
RAM:		   128KB DRAM not expandable 
ROM:		   64KB 
Serial Ports:	   2 RS-423
Floppy:	           One 3.5" 400K 
Monitor:	   9" 512x384 square pixels built-in monochrome
Power:		   60 Watts
Weight: 	   16.5 pounds
Dimensions: 	   13.6" H x 9.6" W x 10.9" D
System Software:   Mac OS 1.0
Production:	   January 1984 to October 1985
Cost:		   $2,495

If you take off the case (special Torxx screwdriver required) you'll find the signatures of all the original designers.

Frank da Cruz / / Columbia University Computing History / Jan 2001