The Macintosh Lab in 215 International Affairs

Group at center: Alan Crosswell, Rob Cartolono, unknown person, and Howard Eskin. Rob Cartolano says (August 2013):
Yep, it's 215IAB, circa Fall 1989, right at the opening of the computer lab. 40 Mac IIcx computers, 8MB RAM, 12" monochrome displays, remote-boot Ethernet, no hard disk. Three terminals in the back, as you enter the room. I am next to Alan; I think I still have that thin black tie… 8-)

When we closed SSIO, we first moved all the old chairs and old wood tables to 215IAB, and wired up the old terminals. As part of our summer renovation, we replaced the furniture but kept the chairs for a little longer. We added electrical power, ran thin-net Ethernet in the room, and hooked it up to the campus in the back of the consultant's office. You can see the thin-net on the backs of the computers.

That Steelcase furniture is still in use in 215 IAB.

Macintosh Lab, 215 International Affairs Building, September 1989.

Photo: Rob Cartolano.

Frank da Cruz / / Columbia University Computing History / Jan 2001, Aug 2013