SSEC Reunion 1972 (Raw Material)

A reunion of SSEC people was held at the IBM Exhibit Center, 590 Madison Avenue, New York City, February 4th, 1972. Here we have three black-and-white contact sheets, scanned at 300dpi resolution, about 4MB each. Actually they are not original contact sheets, but plain-paper copies that were sent out to attendees by Betty Bissing a week later, with an invitation to order prints at $3.00 each. Courtesy of Eric Hankam, who was in attendance and appears in some of the photos (e.g. 21A on Sheet 2). Further identities to be determined. The sheets are labeled 3013, 3014, and 3015:

  1. Sheet 1, 30 shots (4.25MB)
  2. Sheet 2, 26 shots (4.00MB)
  3. Sheet 3, 35 shots (4.64MB)

Frank da Cruz / / Columbia University Computing History / Nov 2003