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The DEC TU45 Tape System

Date: 1977. Manual loading. Direct-drive reel motors, servo-controlled single capstan, filtered positive pressurized tape compartment, vacuum type tape cleaner. On-the-fly error correction in 1600 bpi mode only: single-track droput, dual gap, read-after-write.

DEC TU45 tape drive

Storage medium:           1/2   inch-wide industry standard magnetic tape
Capacity / tape reel:      40   million characters at 1600 bpi
Data transfer speed:   120000   cps at 1600 bpi
Drivers/controller:         8   max
Number of tracks:           9
Recording density:       1600   bpi or 800 bpi, program selectable
Interrecord gap:            0.5 inch, minimum
Read/write speed:          75   inch/sec
Rewind speed:             250   inch/sec
Rewind time:              115   sec
Tape length:             2400   feet
Reel diameter:             10.5 inch
Max drives/system:          8
Weight per drive:         640   pounds
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