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The DEC VT101 Terminal


1978. Identical in appearance to the original VT100 (1977). Adds local echo, which was needed for using the IBM mainframes in linemode (this was before we had 3270/ASCII protocol converters like the IBM Series/1 or 7171).

Construction:          Monitor + detachable keyboard
Display:               24x80 or 14x132 character cells
Character matrix:      7x9 with descenders
Screen size:           12" diagonal (8" x 4.5" active display)
Character set:         Complete US ASCII (128 codes)
Keys:                  65 keys in ANSI X4.14-1971 typewriter layout
Auxilliary keypad:     18 keys (digits, arrows, function keys)
Visual indicators:     7 LEDs
Interface:             RS-232/V.24
Flow control:          Xon/Xoff
Communication Speeds:  75,110,150,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200 bps
Dimensions:            14.5"x18"14.25" (monitor), 3.5"x18"x8" (keyboard)
Minimum table depth:   20.25"
Weight:                41 pounds
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