The Cool Worlds Lab Mission

To advance our understanding of extrasolar worlds for which temperatures are sufficiently cool to be amenable for breakthrough discoveries such as moons, rings and life. To enable these breakthrough discoveries, we will:

  • Develop innovative approaches to extract novel information from astronomical observations
  • Apply modern data science and statistical techniques to new and existing astronomical data sets
  • Transparently communicate our results to the scientific and wider community
  • Mentor the next generation of leaders in our field

Expectations of Lab Members

Above all else, I expect lab members to have a genuine passion and fascination with these grandest of questions which we attempt to tackle. I expect lab members to constantly balance this passion with rigorous objectivity and scientific integrity, allowing the data to illuminate the way and never allowing ourselves to be diverted by what we wish to believe.

I expect lab members to recognize the importance of self-care, recognizing that our minds are our only real window to the universe. I am committed to supporting you in this process and recognize the unique struggles every individual faces. I expect members to have bold ambition and actively work towards advancing their limitless potential.

Lab members should respect and listen to one another. There are no bad ideas and our task is to identify the most promising research avenues. We recognize that creativity is the most important ability of a scientist and foster it through open and provocative discussions. However, we also recognize that creativity alone is wasted without investing the time and energy to necessary to realize our ideas.

We avoid repetitive and industrial scientific research preferring to work at the frontiers of our field by developing or applying new techniques. We are willing to fail and take risks, acknowledging that not every venture can succeed but that this process is fundamental to scientific advances.

I expect lab members to acknowledge the great importance of presenting results with a commitment to clarity, transparency and to nurture their own unique style of expression. I strongly encourage members to engage in public outreach and science communication in whatever form they prefer.