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Columbia Science Review

How can I submit to Columbia Science Review?

There are four basic criteria which all articles submitted to CSR must meet:

  1. The topic of articles must be related to at least one field of scientific studies.
  2. Manuscripts are accepted from the student authors of Columbia University and affiliates.
  3. All individuals stated explicitly as the authors of the manuscript must agree to submit the manuscript to CSR.
  4. All authors hold their respective copyrights on the submitted manuscript.

Please note that all cited materials presented in articles must be approved for publication in CSR by their copyright holders. If your article has pictures, diagrams, or quotes from other copyrighted sources, it is mandatory to request the approval. Contact your editor for CSR's official form of approval request.

We have two submissions periods per academic year, one per semester. Please contact csr.spreadscience@gmail.com for more submission information and an article proposal form.

How can I participate in Columbia Science Review?