welcome, earthling!

The Columbia University Science Fiction Society, also known as CUSFS, meets Wednesdays at 8:00 pm in 603 Hamilton, Columbia University Campus. Despite the name, we don't discriminate — both fantasy and science fiction are welcome. CUSFS is the proud owner of a large library, shows movies, and plays games.

It's hard to say "Columbia University's Science Fiction Society" five times fast and rather painful to write it out over and over again, so we prefer the acronym. And since it's hard to say five letter sounds in a row, we usually say it "Cuss-fuss" instead of "CEE YOU ESS EFF ESS." But we'll understand you either way.

But don't worry about our name. Despite the words "Science Fiction" in there, we're not just about rocket ships and laser guns (but they are nice). We love fantasy, horror, comics, RPGs, video games and just about everything else geeky or fandom-related. Like movies? We show them! Like books? We've got this wonderful library full of them! Like roleplaying games? We run them! Just want to unwind with some fellow geeks? We do that in spades. And we even sacrifice virgins (no virgins harmed in the making of this sacrifice) and wrestle in the honor of the Great Cthulhu!

Interested in how we work in more gritty detail? Check out our Constitution and By-laws. We guarantee you that we're the only club on campus that is ready to survive a nuclear holocaust!

Check out our Facebook page, where you can see announcements for CUSFS-related events and talk to present and past members of the club!

Want to stay up-to-date on our shenanigans? Sign up for our mailing list, over on the contact page! We'll see you at a meeting....or a con...or the movies!