Student Anti-Homophobia Leadership Summit

SAHLS is a regular EAAH event, bringing together high school students around the tri-state and surrounding areas and college students at Columbia University. From our past experiences with SAHLS we've made friends, learned from one another, and gained valuable insight on how to better serve our communities. This year is our 11th conference, SAHLS will continue to bring students together to stop injustice in its tracks!

SAHLS 2011
April 2-3

SAHLS 2011 Files

Student Letter

Parent Letter

Advisor Letter

Official Application

SAHLS is a great opportunity for you to come together with students from high schools in and around New York City to address homophobia and activism. In the past, students have discussed issues such as queer identity, heterosexism, transgender-phobia, racism, and the relevance of homophobia to the heterosexual community. We also hope that you can use SAHLS as an opportunity to build a network of high school and college anti-homophobia activists in the tri-state area and beyond. The application and letters to you (and your parents) are located in the box to the right. We understand that many parents have reservations about sending their children away so if there are any concerns, please print out the Parent letter, drafted just for them. If you have any questions about SAHLS, staying here, or what we'll be doing (or anything else for that matter) feel free to contact us.