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EarthCo Green Campus & Community Initiative is a Columbia/Barnard student action group which works to make our university more sustainable. We promote environmental consiousness through outreach and service to the community.

EarthCo supports and promotes sustainable agriculture at its events on campus
(CU Greenmarket photo curtesy Eileen Barroso)


Sustainability can be lowering energy use by turning off computers when idle, using our purchasing power to support recycled or tree-free products, or organizing composting in dining halls.

"Sustainability is a possible way of living or being in which individuals, firms, governments, and other institutions act responsibly in taking care of the future as if it belonged to them today, in equitably sharing the ecological resources on which the survival of humans and other species depends, and in assuring that all who live today in the future will be able to satisfy their needs and human aspirations."(John Ehrenfeld, MIT).

Other campus groups working on sustainability issues:

Engineers Without Borders

and a more general site on environmental work on campus.

Say No to Dirty Gold!

mining waste dumped directly into ocean

This picture of mining waste being dumped directly into the ocean is just one of many environmental and human rights abuses occuring around the world because of unchecked mining practices. The New York Times has covered these issues in a series of articles which can be accessed on the national No Dirty Gold website. At Columbia, EarthCo is trying to do its part to raise awareness and ask seniors to consider the fact that one gold ring creates 20 TONS of waste. Watch for us out on college walk and in Lerner at the beginning of each month.
Environmentally Concious Gift Ideas:
If you believe we vote with our check books, please put in a few votes for the environment!

Organic, Sweat-shop free, Recycled, Generally awesome clothes, housewares and other gifts

A Green Yellow-Pages for NYC

A genuine buy-nothing waste-nothing get-something gift guide

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