CUEC Constitution 2018-2019

I. Article I – NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Columbia University Equestrian Club (CUEC).

II. Article II – PURPOSE

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide students, regardless of skill level, the opportunity to:
A) Enhance their knowledge of horsemanship and general equestrian skills
B) Encourage good sportsmanship
C) Experience healthy competition within the guidelines set by the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA)
D) Gain a sense of team spirit and camaraderie


Section 1. General membership to CUEC is open to all Columbia undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Section 2. The organization will not deny membership on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, color or national origin. Member participation on CUEC activities is subject to rules and regulations of the CUEC, Columbia University (ex. Club Sport Department) and IHSA.
Section 3: General Risk – by participating in equine activities, there is a risk. All members must sign a general release of liability waiver when paying dues. Further, Columbia Club Sports Department and CUEC Club Officers reserve the right to take extra insurance matters for team members. Columbia Club Sports Department and CUEC Club Officers are not liable for any injuries sustained during club activities.
Section 4. Team Membership Requirements
A) Each semester the purchase of at least one $675 10-lesson package.
B) Payment of club dues each semester. $150 for undergraduates; $250 for graduate students and faculty.
C) Pay USEF insurance and IHSA fees.
D) Participate in all mandatory club fundraisers.
E) Ride once a week for non-showing members and twice a week for showing members with team coach.
F) MANDATORY attendance at all team meetings. If you must miss a meeting, notify the Club Secretary by phone, text or email.
G) MANDATORY presence at ALL IHSA and Intercollegiate Horse Shows, unless a proper excuse is submitted, if a member is deemed eligible to show. The eligibility of a member is up to IHSA rules and the discretion of the Executive Board.
H) MANDATORY presence at Columbia home horse show, plus attendance at one or both preparation days.
I) Read and sign all required paperwork in a timely fashion.
Section 4.1 Lesson packages are $675 for 10 lessons. This amount must be paid in full to Bergen Equestrian Center at the time of a rider’s first lesson. Lesson packages do expire a certain number of months after purchasing – determined by Bergen County Equestrian Center.
Section 4.1.2 Makeup lessons can be arranged at the discretion of the coach and Secretary.
Section 4.2 CUEC membership dues are $150 per semester for undergraduates and $250 per semester for all other membership. Membership dues must be paid through the Club Sports Department website by the time a member utilizes Columbia vans/their first lesson.
Section 5. Dues can be refunded through the Club Sports department. Only the Club Officers direct the Columbia Club Sports department to refund dues. Dues will not be refunded after member’s first lesson.


Section 1. To cancel a lesson, a rider must contact Bergen Equestrian Center (201.336.3370) at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time. Failure to do so will cause the lesson to be forfeited from the rider’s lesson package. Rider’s must also notify the driver of the van that they will not be coming.

V. Article V – OFFICERS

Section 1. The officers of the 2018-2019 academic year are as follows:
A) President Iris Querenet
B) Vice President Nora McNamara-Bordewick
C) Treasurer Amelia Marcantonio-Fields
D) Secretary Emily Huntsman
E) Communication Chair Johanna Zwirner
F) Fundraising Chair Katie Long

Section 2. Duties for each officer are as follows:
A) President/Captain: The President should oversee all team matters and serve as a liaison between CUEC and the coach, IHSA, and Columbia Club Sports Department. The President will also to serve as a show manager at CUEC home shows.
B) Vice President: The Vice President will oversee the scheduling of horse shows. This includes paying entry fees and keeping track of rider points. The Vice President will also maintain the CUEC website. The Vice President should serve all functions of the President in the absence of the President. If the permanent absence of the President/Captain occurs, the Co-Captain will take over.
C) Treasurer: The Treasurer will ensure that all dues and lesson fees are paid in a timely manner. The Treasurer will work closely with the President and Club Sports Director to ensure CUEC’s finances are in order. The Treasurer will be responsible for depositing all collected money (ex apparel, horse show, etc) into the club account.
D) Secretary: The Secretary will oversee the scheduling on lessons. This includes weekly emails to notify riders of the scheduled lesson slots and ensuring there are vans and drivers scheduled for each lesson. The secretary will also keep track of contracts and paperwork that riders submit.
E) Communication/PR Chair: The Communication Chair will be responsible for responding appropriately to inquire emails and generally maintaining the club email account. The Communication Chair will oversee new member recruitment and work closely with the fundraising chair. The communication chair will also take notes at all Executive Board meetings and organize apparel orders.
F) Fundraising Chair: The Fundraising Chair is responsible for organizing and leading fundraising efforts. This may include on- campus events and soliciting donations from vendors.

Section 3. The Executive Board is appointed by the previous year’s executive board. Elections may be held at the discretion of the board.


Section 1. The Executive Committee will discuss all required monetary disbursement of team monies prior to spending. Required disbursement includes entry fees, coaching fees, lesson packages, transportation expenses, and home meet expenditures. Optional spending on activities such as social gatherings or organizational donations must be approved by a majority vote of the CUEC Executive Board prior to spending.
Section 2. The Treasurer reserves the right to deny membership to a returning or current member because of outstanding dues that were not paid by the member the previous or current semester. The Treasurer also reserves the right, upon the approval of the executive committee, to prohibit the ability of a member to show and/or take part in club social events or suspend from lessons because of outstanding dues that have not been paid within a deadline determined by the executive board.


Section 1. The head coach for the CUEC shall be Penny Kinnally of Misfit Farms. They will remain so until resignation is received by the Executive Board or until there is a team consensus change coaches.
Section 2. The Coach will be paid out of the team’s budget, directly by the Club sports director.
Section 3. The Coach will be required to sign a contract that will be authored by a full representation of the Executive Board each year. The purpose of the contract shall be to define the expectations and relationships between coach and team, in order to outline and best protect the interests of all involved.


Section 1. Club activities will include the opportunity for competition in the IHSA at regular, Regional, Zone and National levels for club members who qualify under IHSA rules.
Section 2. In order to compete safely and effectively, IHSA participants must ride a minimum of four hours per month under the instruction of the club’s IHSA coach or instructor appointed by the coach; this instructor cannot be a current CUEC team member and must be over 18.
Section 2.1 The coach may recommend additional hours of instruction in order for a showing member to compete safely and fairly. (This is standard procedure with other IHSA clubs). The cost of additional hours of instruction will be the responsibility of the team member.
Section 2.2 All members attending a show, whether showing or non-showing, must stay the full length of the show. The Executive Board will take special circumstances under consideration.
Section 3. In order to compete at year-end events (Regional’s, Zones, or Nationals) the person competing must be a current member of the CUEC. This person must have participated in all mandatory club activities and be in good standing academically and disciplinary wise with the club and university.
Section 4 Excuses for IHSA or Intercollegiate Horse Shows must be submitted more than one week in advance of the show date via email to the club. Excuses must be deemed proper by Executive Board to go into effect. Invalid excuses include anything having to do with coursework, unless an extreme situation. Failure to submit a valid excuse results in a fine.


Section 1: Failure to attend preparation day of the home horse show(s) will result in a $50.00 fine.
Section 1.2: Failure to attend home horse show or actively participate (determined by Club Officer) at the horse show will result in a $100.00 fine.
Section 2: Failure to attend an IHSA or Intercollegiate Horse Show without a valid excuse approved will result in personal responsibility for paying the class fee (approx. $42 per class).
Section 3. Failure to attend the mandatory away meet, where transportation will be provided, will result in a fine of double the transportation fee.
Section 4. Any objections or excuses need to be brought forth to the Executive Committee in a timely manner, and then an appropriate decision will follow. Concerning the complaint, a written complaint will be filed with the Executive Committee (complaints will be formatted as outlined by the IHSA). The Standards of Ethics Committee will be comprised of the Executive Committee and the faculty advisor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail CUEC,