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Possible Negative Impacts of Science and Technology

No society is equipped to deal with the accelerating impacts of science and technology. Today, many different areas of science and technology are advancing synergistically, multiplying the rate and magnitude of both technological change and societal transformation. On the one hand, access to advanced technologies proliferates, and the production of novel, transforming technologies is becoming routine. On the other, the distribution of the benefits and costs of scientific and technological advance is highly uneven, both within nations and between them. How do we create legislation in the face of the great uncertainty surrounding new innovations?

The world is too much with me
The intertwined promise and peril of twenty-first century technology
Does S&T lead to homogenization?
Has technology historically been linked to negative outcomes?
Technology empowers our creativity but does it create greater risks?
What are the intrinsic problems with how science is done?
How do we minimize harm through governance structures?
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