Welcome to the Columbia University Kon-Do Goju-Ryu Karate Club. Founded over twenty years ago, we are one of the oldest martial arts clubs on campus, and have produced many black belts and even senseis over the years. Today, we continue to welcome students, faculty, and alumni to join us in the dojo.

Each week, we train under Sensei Bonnie Baker and Sensei Tito Valentine in karate forms, self-defense, and sparring. In a small class setting, each individual gains attention from the instructors, and dojo brothers and sisters always help each other improve. Our members range from beginners to experienced martial artists, and everyone is able to find challenges here and progress at their respective levels.

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn to defend yourself on the street, or an experienced karate-ka seeking further training, our dojo is open to you. (Here is how you can join.)

We look forward to meeting you in class!


Monday Wednesday Friday
7-9pm 7-9pm 7:30-9:30pm
Aerobics Room 4 Aerobics Room 4 Aerobics Room 3
Self Defense Forms and Basics Drills and Sparring

We train during the fall and spring academic semesters at Columbia University (see Columbia University Academic Calendar). Feel free to join us at any time during the semester! All classes are held in the Dodge Fitness Center (directions to the Dodge Fitness Center).