1. What is Golden Key?
  2. What is its main objective?
  3. Why haven't we heard about the organization before?
  4. What is the extent of commitment?
  5. Why join?
  6. Why do we have to pay a membership fee? Where does the money go?
  7. Who else is involved?
  8. What are scholarship/job opportunities?
  9. What are some of the things the Columbia Chapter does?

What is Golden Key?

  • Golden Key is an International honor society with over 370 chapters throughout US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, UK, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. It has US chapters at 48 of the top 50 public national universities.
  • It invites the top 15% of college sophomores, juniors and seniors of its chapters. The Columbia chapter currently invites top 15% of CC and SEAS sophomores, juniors and seniors, as well as all graduate students.
  • The Columbia chapter of Golden Key is the only honor society on campus that includes both CC and SEAS, and we aim to our membership in an effort to contribute to our community through service

What is its main objective?

  • To recognize and encourage scholastic achievement and excellence in all undergraduate fields of study
  • To unite with faculty and administrators in developing and maintaining high standards of education
  • To provide economic assistance to outstanding members by means of both undergraduate and graduate scholarships
  • To promote altruistic conduct through voluntary service

Why haven't we heard about the organization before?

  • The Columbia chapter is in its fifth year of existence, with the goal of increasing campus presence and actively contributing to our community within and outside the school.

What is the extent of commitment?

  • Membership commitment is highly encouraged, while totally voluntary. While we do attempt to increase membership participation, we do not require any number of hours from our members.

Why join?

  • Academic recognition, distinguish yourself from peers in job search
  • Scholarships, leadership and community service opportunities
  • Networking (fellow members from Columbia and other schools, honorary members)

Why do we have to pay a membership fee? Where does the money go?

  • A one-time lifetime fee
  • The fee goes to funding an office of dozens of professionals to serve organization and its members, as well as scholarships and events such as annual regional and international conventions
  • A portion of the fee goes to the local chapter for operating costs
  • Golden Key is not-for-profit

Who else is involved?

  • Other members include high-achieving students
  • Inducted honorary members: Dean Zvi Galil, Dean Kathryn Yatrakis, Dean Kathleen McDermott, Kevin Shollenberger and last years advisor Professor Sven Hartmann
  • prospective honorary members for 2001: President George Rupp, Dean Austin Quigley, Prof. Ken Jackson, Former Mayor David Dinkins, Speaker Basil Smikle from Senator Hillary Clintons Office.

What are scholarship/job opportunities?

  • The top junior and senior inductee receive scholarship at induction
  • All members are eligible to apply for range of other scholarships
  • The corporate council and other companies hire through GK membership lists
  • Golden Key's scholarship program rewards academic excellence in abundance with more than US $500,000 awarded last year to over 700 exceptional members. They offer undergraduate awards, graduate awards, discipline-specific awards, and service and leadership awards.

What are some of the things the Columbia Chapter does?

  • We invited Stuyvesant HS students and participated in Columbia Community Outreach 2001
  • We participated in America's Promise and fulfilled promises to work with the youth
  • We will join efforts with on-campus and off-campus volunteer organizations, as well as cosponsor relevant events with other campus groups-organizing Kaplan test drives which will be free for members and a small fee for non-members; relationship with Kaplan which will offer discount to GK members for its course
  • Since the Columbia Chapter is relatively young, we are hoping that we'll have a plethora of ideas from new and old members for an agenda for this year. Some suggestions: CU Dance Marathon, Coat Drive, Volunteer at the Homeless Kitchen at Broadway Presbyterian Church.
  • Make A Difference Day 2004, October 23rd, 2004 the Columbia chapter, along with the Queens College chapter, made PB&J sandwiches to distribute to the homeless along the major avenues and parks. A flyer regarding nutrition and listing the Manhattan homeless shelters was also provided with the sandwich.
  • General meetings for local scholarships and local chapter officer elections will be held in Spring 2005 please check back to our website for more information.