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Promoting Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment
By Francine Cournos, M.D.
This fact sheet outlines the multiple strategies that have proven useful in adherence to highly active antiretroviral treatment for HIV infection.

Psychiatric Medications and HIV Antiretrovirals: A Guide to Interactions for Clinicians
By Ewald Horwath, M.D., Milton Wainberg, M.D., and Francine Cournos, M.D.

HIV Prevention for People with Mental Illness:
A Training Manual for Mental Health Professionals

By Meg Kaplan, Ph.D., Richard Herman, M.A., Francine Cournos, M.D., and Karen McKinnon, M.A.

Guidelines for Administering the HIV Risk Assessment
Adapted from the National Institute on Drug Abuse Risk Behavior Assessment Questionnaire, May 1994 (revised April 1998)

HIV Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Columbia University HIV Mental Health Training Project, 06/98

HIV Drug Interactions
Comprehensive Drug Interaction Charts, Includes HIV iChart for Smartphones