Our Past Events:

Columbia Spectator Article "International Relations Forum Addresses US Policy in the Middle East". Prof. Martin Kramer and Prof. Jack Snyder.

'Why I'm (still) Grateful to Columbia, by Martin Kramer".

BWOG Article on "How Not to Fix the Middle East". Prof. Martin Kramer.

David Ignatius to Speak at Columbia on the 30th of March, Lecture Hall (School of Journalism). Washington Post Columnist, and author of "Body of Lies."

J. Cofer Black of Blackwater Worldwide Speaks with CUIRF (Columbia Spectator article). November 6, 2008.

Former Director of CIA's Counter-Terrorism Center (CTC) J. Cofer Black (Columbia Television News). November 11, 2008.

HE Ambassador of Egypt to the UN, Maged Abdelaziz speaks with CUIRF. February 28, 2008.

Pakistani Head Diplomat Speaks with CUIRF (Columbia News). February 22, 2008.

Munir Akram Speaks with CUIRF (Columbia Spectator). February 20, 2008.

HE Ambassador Hamid Al-Bayati of Iraq (Columbia Spectator Opinion Piece). November 30, 2007.