Kataoka Sensei


Kataoka Sensei is a world-renowned Kendo teacher as well as a competitive Kendo practitioner. In teaching every class for the past 40 years, Noboru Kataoka has developed and refined teaching methods that emphasize strong basics and pronounce the elegance of the art. His step-by-step teaching process stresses correct form and makes grasping the fundamentals of Kendo easy and fun. Most uncommon, Kataoka Sensei’s technique allows a student with the busy schedule of a college student to experience steady and recognizable growth.


Kataoka Sensei has been a great practitioner and a competitive player in all parts of the world. He began the study of Kendo from the age of 15 in Kochi, Japan - a prefecture known for developing strong, talented kendokas. By 1972, his reputation for winning tournaments brought him the honor of being chosen a member of the Kochi team that played in the All Japan Kendo Tournament. The Kochi team placed 2nd in this prestigious event.
Coming to the North American continent in the 1970s, Sensei also participated in international tournaments in addition to starting his own dojo in New York City, NYC Kendo Club, which recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary.
In 1992 Sensei took 1st place in the Mumeishi Team Tournament held every year in London, England.
In 1993, he placed 1st in the Beikoku All U.S. Kendo National Individual Tournament in Los Angeles, CA and 1st place at the 1993 Canada-USA Kendo Tournament.
In April of 1994, he won 1st place in the Good Will Division at the International Kendo Championships in Paris, France. He also placed 1st in teams at the 1994 Toronto Kendo Tournament.
Kataoka Sensei currently holds the rank of 7th Dan Kyoshi.


Kataoka Sensei also began to study Iaido, the art of “drawing the sword” at the age of 15. His unique and comprehensive knowledge of this art was passed down to him by Senseis Harusuke Yamamoto, Manabu Yokoyama and Hiromichi Yokoyama of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu. This famous school, dating from the 16th century, was the inspiration of two famous swordsmen: Hayashizaki Jibuske and Hasegawa Eishin, whose skills and approach to swordsmanship left a lasting imprint on Iaido. Their style played a crucial part in the education of the Famed Tosa Fighting Men of Kochi Prefecture.
This rare and special sword style has been preserved for over 4 centuries in Kochi, Japan. Sensei Noboru Kataoka is the 20th generation Menkyo-Kaiden (successor) of the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido.
If you are interested in learning this rare and beautiful style, please get in touch with the NYC Kendo club directly (https://www.nyckendoclub.com/).

Lin Sensei

Alex Lin Sensei started kendo in 2000 at NYC Kendo Club under the instruction of Kataoka Sensei. He often competes for NYC Kendo at tournaments across the country and passes his experiences on through coaching the Columbia University Kendo Club. Lin Sensei has participated at many national tournaments since he started kendo, most recently as team manager in 2014 and a competitor in 2017. He currently holds the rank of 5th Dan.

Abe Sensei

Goro Abe Sensei started kendo in 1995 at NYC Kendo Club under the instruction of Kataoka Sensei. He continues to practice at NYC Kendo Club while proudly coaching the Columbia University Kendo team. Most recently, he served as team manager of the All Eastern Kendo Federation Team that competed in the All US Kendo Federation National Championships in San Jose, California. He currently holds the rank of 5th Dan.