Welcome to the homepage of Columbia’s Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA).

We represent a diverse body of Columbia undergraduates who enjoy social, spiritual and educational activities that serve to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ, and support the standards and teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Though many of our members subscribe to the Mormon faith, not all are, nor is membership in the Latter-day Saint church required for club membership or participation. Our members come from all four Columbia undergraduate institutions (Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard College and School of General Studies) and have a variety of interests outside the field of religion. Integral to the beliefs of every member of the LDSSA however, is a support for the LDS Church and its programs.

As a club we plan and participate in numerous social, religious and educational activities throughout the course of the school year. This includes weekly Institute of Religion courses on Columbia’s campus, service projects, and religious speakers. Columbia has also been the site of several Ivy League LDSSA Conferences over the course of the last decade. We embrace our identity as an integral part of the active Latter-day Saint community in New York City, and are often involved in regional events and conferences.